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Bate, 1862

Length to 23 mm. Head longer than pereonites I-III combined (Cyllopus lucasi 1). P I weakly chelate (Cyllopus lucasi 2). ART 2 of P I subequal to distal ART combined; ART 6 expanded distally, with serrate triangular posterodistal lobe reaching one quarter length of ART 6; ART 6 conical-oval, shorter than ART 5; dactyl as long as two thirds of ART 6. Posterodistal process of ART 5 of P II reaching distal end of ART 6; ART 6 shorter than 5. P V and VI long, with ART 6 as long as ART 4 and 5 combined; dactyl thin, 8 times as short as ART 6. Proximal part of ART 2 of P VII strongly broadened, ART 2 sharply narrowing distally, with concave posterior margin. Distal ART combined shorter than ART 2.

Cyllopus lucasi