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(Bovallius, 1885)

Length 2-4.5 mm. Body smooth. ANT I thick, not longer than pereon. Outer lobes of MXP elongate, lanceolate. Inner lobe 8-12 times as short as outer. P V long, strong, posterior margin of ART 2 serrate, anterior margin smooth with 1-2 denticles in distal part (Scina tullbergi 1); ART 4 twice as long as ART 5; ART 6 subequal to 5 or 1.5-2 times as short as it; dactyl short. P VI shorter than V. ART 6 of P VI subequal to or slightly shorter or longer than ART 5; as broad as, or narrower than, ART 5. P VII short and weak. UR weakly armed. Live animals transparent-red.

Scina tullbergi