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(Chun, 1889)

Length 7-10 mm. Body smooth. ANT I slightly longer than pereon. Outer lobes of MXP short, oval, with uneven distal margin. Inner lobes twice as short as outer. ART 2 of P V with both margins serrate. Some specimens may have delicate triangular process on anterodistal corner of ART 3 of P V (Scina lepisma 1). Ratio of length of ART 4, 5 and 6 of P V variable and can change at least from 10:15:14 to 10:22:15 (Scina lepisma 2). Dactyl of P V extremely long, slightly curved. P VI almost subequal to P V; dactyl short, curved. P VII more than twice as short as VI. Live animals red.

Scina lepisma