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(Stebbing, 1888)

Length 12-13 mm. ART 1 of peduncle of ANT I without outgrowth; accessory flagellum nearly equal in length to ART 1 of main flagellum; ART 1 of main flagellum composed of several fused ART, conical, equal in length to at least five of following ART. ART 3 of mandibular palp longer than half of ART 2, but shorter than whole ART (Halice secunda 2). Inner lobe of MX I with sharp corners, with single pinnate seta. Coxal plates tetragonal. ART 5 and 6 of P I subequal. ART 4 and 5 of P III and IV expanded, flatly oval (Halice secunda 1). ART 2 of P V-VIII broadly oval. Urosomite II with spine. Peduncle of UR I long and narrow. Telson cleft no farther than halfway (Halice secunda 2). Live animals yellow-orange.

Halice secunda