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Chevreux, 1903

Length to 26 mm (Paracallisoma alberti 1). Eyes absent (but live animals may have faint pigment spots). Epistome slightly convex anteriorly. CX I variable (1 to 2 times as high as broad), may narrow slightly distally (Paracallisoma alberti 3). Posteroproximal excision of CX IV less than half width of coxal plate. ART 6 and 5 of P I subequal (Paracallisoma alberti 4). Posterodistal lobes of ART 2 of P VI-VII exceeding ART 3. Telson cleft (Paracallisoma alberti 3), with sub-apical outer denticle on each half. Live animals orange to dirty-white. Typical bentho-pelagic scavengers, common in baited traps. But animals also rise into water column and may be found in ordinary plankton samples.

Paracallisoma alberti