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(Shulenberger and Barnard, 1976)

Length to 12 mm. Eyes without ommatidia (Orchomenella gerulicorbis 1), composed of pigment granules, faint, reddish-brown in life, magenta in preservative, forming irregular crescent paralleling anterodorsal margin of lateral lobe of head; about third as high as head. ART 1 of mandibular palp short, subquadrate; ART 2 long, linear; ART 3 lanceolate, half length of proximal ART combined, or less. Epimeral plate III smooth, with rounded posteroventral corner at ca. 90°. Dorsal process of urosomal segment I weakly overlapping next segment (Orchomenella gerulicorbis 2). Endopodite of UR III exceeding length of main (first) ART of exopodite. Telson with 3 pairs of dorsal spines. See also characters given in key and in preface to key. For a more detailed description of this species refer to Shulenberger and Barnard (1976).

Orchomenella gerulicorbis