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Chevreux, 1905

Length to 56 mm (female), 40 mm (male). Pereonite I overlapping head, produced anteriorly, very variable: sometimes anterior end with long narrow horn-like process (Cyphocaris richardi 1), sometimes (especially in large specimens from Antarctic waters) like short cone with rounded top. Eyes small, oval, faint. Convex anterior margin of CX IV covering CX III and distal part of CX II. CX V wider than high. Posterior margin of ART 2 of P V without sword-like tooth (Cyphocaris richardi 2), with posterodistal lobe, posterior margin of ART and both margins of lobe strong or finely serrate. Posterior margin of ART 2 of P VI-VII serrate. Posteroventral corner of epimeral plate III at nearly 90°, slightly produced posteriorly. Live animals red-orange.

Cyphocaris richardi