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Barnard, 1916

Length to 30 mm. Pereonite I inflated, overlapping posterior part of head, but not covering all dorsal surface of head (Cyphocaris faurei 1). Eyes pear-like, broadened ventrally. CX IV large, moderately narrow, but with strongly convex anterior margin, covering coxae II-III but not I. CX V significantly wider than high. ART 2 of P V with posterodistal sword-like tooth (Cyphocaris faurei 2), both margins of tooth smooth, clearly shorter than ART 3-7 of P V combined, not even reaching posterior margin of CX V. Besides sword-like tooth, posterior margin of ART 2 of P V smooth. ART 2 of P VI-VII with finely serrate posterior lobes. Posteroventral corners of epimeral plates I-III sharply produced posteriorly. Live animals red-rose.

Cyphocaris faurei