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Boeck, 1871

Length to 14 mm (Cyphocaris anonyx 1). Pereonite I overlapping head, produced anteriorly, rounded or (rarely) sharp-pointed, curved (Cyphocaris anonyx 2). Eyes absent. Convex anterior margin of CX IV covering CX III and posterior half of CX II. P III-V weakly subchelate. ART 2 of P V with posterior sword-like tooth; both margins of this tooth deeply serrate, tooth relatively short, not longer than ART 3-5 of P V combined (Cyphocaris anonyx 3). Posterior margins of P V-VII dentate, each with 8-12 denticles. Posteroventral corner of epimeral plate III at ca. 90°. Live animals red, orange in alcohol.

Cyphocaris anonyx