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Haeckel, 1879

Anthomedusae with or without apical projection; manubrium quadrate, usually large; with or without gastric peduncle; mouth with 4 simple, crenulated, or complexly folded lips; with 4 radial canals (exceptionally 8 as in Octotiara) often broadened, ribbon-like, or with jagged margin; rarely centripetal canals; with or without mesenteries; gonads either with smooth surface or complexly folded, on manubrium walls in adradial or interradial positions, sometimes extending along radial canals; marginal tentacles hollow, mostly with tapering, elongated, conical (almost carrot-shaped) and often laterally compressed bulbs; with or without rudimentary tentacles, tentaculae, or marginal warts; with or without abaxial ocelli.

Genus Amphinema
Genus Annatiara
Genus Cirrhitiara
Genus Halitholus
Genus Leuckartiara
Genus Merga
Genus Neoturris
Genus Pandea
Genus Zanclonia

Family Pandeidae