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Bigelow, 1913

Anthomedusae without apical projection and gastric peduncle; mouth with 4 simple or crenulated lips; with or without centripetal canals; with simple or folded, adradial or interradial gonads on manubrial wall; with 4 or 8 simple or branching radial canals and circular canal; with 4, 8, or more hollow marginal tentacles either with highly reduced, or more generally, without, basal marginal bulbs, each terminating in large cnidocyst cluster, their basal portion often adnate to exumbrella; with or without rudimentary or dwarf tentacles; rarely with abaxial ocelli.

Genus Bythotiara
Genus Calycopsis
Genus Heterotiara
Genus Sibogita
Genus Pseudotiara

Family Calycopsidae