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(Naef, 1912)

Body short, rounded. Mantle fused with head dorsally, its anterior end on the ventral side not produced anteriorly and not covering funnel. Fins kidney-like, short, much shorter than the ML. 1st and 2nd arm pairs not connected by membrane. Arm suckers not modified. Tentacular suckers in 16 rows. 3rd arm pair in males usually bent inwards toward mouth. A large photophore, bilobed in juveniles, compact in adults, with two lenses, in anterior part of the ink sac, deeply imbedded into its tissues; in females connected with accessory nidamental glands. A very small species, ML up to 25 mm, usually less than 20 mm.

Dwells chiefly on the bottom in the lower sublittoral and upper bathyal, but reproductive adults commonly rise to midwater and may be caught near the surface.

Rondeletiola minor