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(d'Orbigny, 1836)

Shell reddish or yellow, relatively high, horny, with 4-5 whorls and deep suture without radial crests. Spire not depressed. Shell covered with reticulate sculpture of hexagonal (sometimes square or pentagonal) cells, sculpture disappearing at short distance from aperture border. Reticulated layer is not a periostracum as it is composed of calcareous material. Young specimens of about 2 mm have 3.5 whorls totally covered by reticulum. Keel present. No aperture tooth, aperture wide oval, base of aperture pointed toward keeled rostrum. Depending on age, faint radiating crests may develop along suture. Rostrum present with narrow columellar membrane. Umbilicus very narrow or absent, operculum with 5.5 whorls without, radial striation. Shell height 6 mm, diameter 3 mm.

Peraclis reticulata