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Tesch, 1903

Hyaline shell with 5 whorls. Body whorl increases very rapidly, spire strongly depressed. First whorls coiled in one plane, last whorl very large, may be higher than apex, obscures other whorls except in apical view. Last whorl, at dorsal margin with keel ending in aperture tooth directed slightly toward apex and curving spirally with shell. Between keel and deep suture a triangular field with about 7 strong, irregular crests, undulating and placed closer together than in Peraclis bispinosa and Peraclis apicifulva. Shell sculpture absent. With growth lines, with perpendicular striae sometimes visible under high magnification. Aperture wide, inflated in upper part and pointed towards rostrum. Rostrum not curved, but twisted, with narrow columellar membrane. Umbilicus absent. Operculum glassy, sinistral, with 4-5 whorls and radial striae. Embryonic shell with rough ornamentation of irregularly ramified flat ridges (Boltovskoy, 1974b). Shell height 3 mm, diameter 2.5 mm.

Peraclis moluccensis