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Meisenheimer, 1906 (non Vayssière, 1913)

Slightly elongate shell with 3 whorls and deep suture without radial crests. Color of shell white, only large specimens with yellowish apex, keel brownish to yellow. Spire depressed, whorls increasing quickly in size. Short keel ends in distinct aperture tooth, aperture wide, base of aperture pointed towards keeled rostrum. Shell surface with regular structure of spiral lines, sometimes forming reticulate pattern. Tooth-like protrusion visible in inner angle of upper aperture border, turned upwards and lying close to apex. Aperture tooth with keel runing over only short distance, along upper whorl. Outer aperture border regularly rounded. Columella provided with very strong keel which continues into rostrum; columellar membrane relatively well-developed, but not broad. Umbilicus clearly visible and wide. Operculum, with 5 whorls, no radial striae. Shell height 3 mm, diameter 2.5 mm.

Peraclis depressa