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Dupont, 1979

Diagnosis: Slender shell with long caudal spine, sometimes broken off. Rim of aperture and middle section of dorsal ribs brown, color pattern of ventral lip connected with dark spot on ventral side anterior to lateral spines. Lateral spines white, lateral ribs occasionally light brown. Teleoconch, posterior to lateral spines, slender, caudal spine long (65% of the teleoconch length). Juvenile has long, dorso-ventrally flattened, needle-like shell, with lateral sides diverging anteriorly only. Protoconch I globular, no sculpture on protoconch I or II. Lateral sides of protoconch II thickened. Small ring may be present between protoconch I and II. Teleoconch length 9.5 mm, width 9 mm, spine mark width 0.95 mm, aperture height 0.95.

Diacria rampali