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Souleyet, 1852

Shell moderately small (maximal diameter about 3 mm), with smooth surface, and a small, low conical spire of about 3 and 1/4 whorls. Whorls of teleoconch much flatter than in the Atlanta peroni species group. Shell colorless, but keel generally with a brown base. Eyes type b, operculum type b. This species differs from the other two in the group in that the shell spire lacks spiral sculpture and the operculum lacks spirally-arranged spines or hooks (Richter, 1972). The shell characteristics given above may seem insufficient to enable one to distinguish all but fully-grown specimens of this species from Atlanta peroni or Atlanta fragilis. However, comparison of the size and shape of the spires enables one to identify Atlanta gaudichaudi, even if the radulae are not compared.

See the family Atlantidae for a discussion of the species groups.

Atlanta gaudichaudi