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(Wheeler, 1934)

Body rounded at both ends, little tapered anteriorly and posteriorly, distinctly rounded in cross section; colour in life scarlet with irregular black markings; length 80-110 mm, width 22-25 mm, thickness 13 mm; proboscis stout, 8 mm in diameter, with 24 nerves; rhynchocoel extends to posterior end of body, with wall composed of meshwork of interwoven longitudinal and circular muscle fibres; mid-dorsal blood vessel extends to rear end of body; numerous small intestinal diverticula; female with gonads located towards ventral surface.
Distribution: Obtained from depths of 570-1000 m. Originally described from the South Atlantic (33º25'S, 6º31'E), a second specimen was found at 27º02.5'N, 20º17.7'W in the North Atlantic (Van der Spoel, 1985).

Calonemertes hardyi