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Brinkmann, 1917a

Body with rounded head, male with slight constriction anterior to tentacles, caudal fin clearly demarcated and posteriorly bilobed; length 12-20 mm, width 3-5 mm; 40 or more pairs of intestinal diverticula, 4 pairs on intestinal caecum, most diverticula distally forked or lobed; females with 8-10 pairs of ovaries; males with single row of 4-6 spermaries on each side of head immediately behind brain; colour in life translucent with yellowish-red internal organs.
Distribution: Obtained from depths of 200-1000 m, but also taken in open vertical hauls from 3000 m to the surface. Found in the North Atlantic between 31º-55ºN and 29º-36ºW, South Atlantic (off the west coast of the French Congo) and North Pacific (Baja California and off the coast of California).

Nectonemertes primitiva