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(O. F. Müller, 1776)

Egg- to spherical-shaped body; tentacular diameter slightly wider than sagittal. Rows of ciliary combs equal in length, starting near aboral pole, extending more than three quarters of distance towards the mouth. Tentacle sheaths widely separated from stomodeum. Tentacles with tentilla simple.
Color: comb rows milky opaque; ectomesoderm glassy transparent; tentacles, sheaths and stomodeum milky or in some specimens dull orange. Length 10-25 mm.
Pleurobrachia pigmentata Moser, 1903, a related species, was mentioned from Natal (South Africa) by Moser (1910), based on a single specimen of small size (2.5 mm). Extension of the range of this species to the area considered herein should be based on clearly identifiable specimens. Recently, specimens resembling Pleurobrachia bachei (according to Tyffon, 1993) were collected off Argentina down to 45°S, these records need further validation.

Pleurobrachia pileus