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Silveira and Morandini, 1997 (whence details taken)

Medusa minute, known only from laboratory-reared Brazilian material. Central disc recorded to 10.5 mm, exumbrellar surface flat, smooth; coronal groove ca. 2/5 from centre, gently crenate. Zooxanthellae in gastrodermis. Lappets 16, bluntly pointed to truncate; alternate clefts between lappets having rhopalium or fine tentacle (to 5.5 mm in life); all clefts similar in depth. Peripheral region without radial grooves. Rhopalia 8, conspicuous, on short hemispherical projections. Subumbrellar musculature undescribed. Mouth cross-shaped. Stomach 4-lobed; gastric filaments typically 3 in each quadrant, one larger flanked by two smaller laterals. Gonads spherical, spaces between about equalling their diameter.
Coloration diagnostic: transparent except for a yellow spot centrally on each lappet, yellow to pale brown radial patches peripheral to each gonad, and circularly-orientated patches overlying spaces between gonads; gonads brown when mature.

Nausithoe aurea