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(Vogt, 1852)

Nectophores with large axial wings and extensive thrust block. Vertical lateral ridges run obliquely down from apico-laterals, but do not reach infra-laterals. Similarly, lateral ridges run obliquely up from ostium but do not reach the apico-laterals. Bracts foliaceous, elongate, thin, distally pointed, with 2 latero-terminal teeth. Bracteal canal runs almost the entire length of the bract, but is absent from a proximal process. Distally it runs beneath an indistinct dorsal ridge in which are imbedded 2 rows of cells, probably nematocysts. Tentillum with vestigial involucrum at base of cnidoband, and a terminal filament, often tightly coiled when contracted, that has no terminal process. It is probable that the nectophores and bracts of other Halistemma species have been confused with those of Halistemma rubrum. Recent material collected by submersible has allowed the distinction of at least one other new species (Pugh and Youngbluth, 1988).

Halistemma rubrum