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(Claparède and Lachmann, 1858)

Diagnosis: Cylindrical bowl, rounded terminally. Entire oral end. Aboral horn very stout, with conspicuous pleats. Sometimes with spiralled epilorica.

Ref.: Brandt (1906-1907), Jörgensen (1924), Balech (1959), Laval-Peuto (1981).

¥ forma coxliella Laval-Peuto, 1981
Spiralled, hyaline lorica with spiral turns variable in size and number.
Ref.: Laval-Peuto (1981).

¥ forma decipiens Jörgensen, 1924
Ref.: Laval-Peuto (1981).

¥Êforma favella Laval-Peuto, 1981
Ref.: Brandt (1906-1907), Jörgensen (1924), Balech (1959).

Favella ehrenbergii