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(Haeckel, 1887)

Shell with numerous (100-200?) funnel-shaped dimples, each pierced at bottom by one or more pores. Twenty larger dimples in center of plates pierced by radial spicules; among these 14 contain each a couple of aspinal pores; 6 others much larger, and contain each six larger pores; these six plates are two opposite equatorial plates and four polar plates, placed in same meridian plane ("hydrotomical plane"); in each of these six "hydrotomical dimples" two pores opposite to one another on two edges of leaf-shaped spicule, four others opposite in pairs on both flat sides. Twenty radial spicules leaf-like, compressed, of equal length; shell spherical. Crests between dimples are dentated by series of small accessory spines. Diameter of shell: 0.15 mm, of aspinal pores: 0.01 mm, of sutural pores: 0.005 mm.

Siphonaspis cristata