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(Leegaard, 1915)
Kahl, 1932

Body obconic, with inconspicuous protuberance on right. Oral cavity conspicuous. Equatorial kinety discontinuous ventrally, composed of densely spaced cilia. Ventral kinety extending from posterior cell portion almost to equatorial kinety, usually distinctly left of cytostome (artifact?). Peristomial field conspicuous. Adoral zone continuous, composed of 16-19 anterior and 13-19 ventral adoral membranelles. Extrusomes in 1 equatorial girdle about 17 µm-long. Subpellicular platelet layer in posterior 1/2-1/3 of cell, longitudinally furrowed. Size in vivo 50-70 x 30-40 µm.

Ref.: Petz et al. (1995a).

Strombidium crassulum