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(Lohmann, 1908)
Wulff, 1919

Body elongate obconical, with anterior protuberance, posteriorly pointed; often yellow. Oral cavity shallow. Macronucleus spherical, shape highly variable in protargol-impregnated cells. Equatorial kinety supraequatorial, perhaps composed of monokinetids. Ventral kinety rather short and consisting of 10-25 monokinetids (preparation artifact?), extending anteriorly from posterior cell pole. Adoral zone discontinuous, composed of 16 anterior and 10-17 ventral adoral membranelles. Extrusomes in girdle about 30 µm-long (in protargol slides) inserted in anterior 1/3 of body. Size of protargol-impregnated specimens 71-106 x 36-61 µm; in vivo 20-75 µm long.

Ref.: Kahl (1932), Montagnes et al. (1988b).

Strombidium conicum