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(Cohn, 1866)
Claparède, 1867

Body hourglass-like in ventral view, contractile; prominent apical oral disc flattened; stalk short and thick, adhesive disc circular to elliptical. Macronucleus moniliform, composed of 10-25 nodules. Somatic ciliature reduced, composed of small patch of lateral cilia consisting of few short ciliary rows, several ventrally and dorsally interrupted concentric kineties (ciliary rings) on adhesive disc. One transverse ciliary row dorsally on stalk (dorsal kinety). Adoral zone composed of >80 membranelles and almost completely surrounding oral disc. Paroral membrane extends into oral cavity. Ectocommensal on marine organisms. Size 80-120 x 45-70 µm.

Ref.: Kahl (1932), Villeneuve-Brachon (1940), da Silva Neto (1994).

Licnophora auerbachi