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(Anigstein, 1912)
Hirshfield et al., 1973

Body elongate, band-like, flexible, slightly contractile but without torsion, laterally distinctly compressed. Macronucleus moniliform, composed of 9-50 nodules. Several micronuclei. Contractile vacuole in rear end, with long collecting canal extending anteriorly on dorsal side. Cortical granules in interkinetal rows; body colourless according to Kahl (1932) and Isquith and Repak (1974), pink according to Ricci et al. (1982). About 24-32 somatic kineties. Adoral zone extending over about 1/2 of body length. Inconspicuous undulating membrane on right of oral area. Size 160-600 x 20-65 µm. Usually a benthic species.

Ref.: Kahl (1932), Hirshfield et al. (1973), Isquith and Repak (1974), Ricci et al. (1982), Dragesco and Dragesco-Kernéis (1986).

Anigsteinia clarissima