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Dujardin, 1841

Body slender, ellipsoidal, anteriorly slightly curved leftward, slightly notched on left posterior by dorsal grooves. Dorsally vaulted, with 5-6 distinct crests. Stylus long, slightly flexible. Two contractile vacuoles, near base of stylus and in anterior 1/3 of body on right. Four somatic kineties on right margin (right ciliary field), extend from stylus anteriorly to frontal left margin. Left ciliary field reduced, composed of 2 short rows. Dorsal peripheral ciliary row very short. Two perioral kineties anterior of oral basket. Oral basket composed of prominent, anteriorly thickened nematodesmal rods. Size in vivo 20-35 x 12-20 µm.

Ref.: Kahl (1931), Deroux (1976).

Trochilia sigmoides