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(Müller, 1773)
Wrzesniowski, 1870

Body slightly contractile, posterior end elongated tail-like, tapering but not pointed. Laterally flattened 3-4:1. Without dorsal ribs or furrows. Extrusomes rod-shaped, about 3-8 µm long in protargol slides. Six-eight somatic kineties on right side (including 2 perioral kineties), 5 on left (including 1 perioral kinety and dorsal brush). Size in vivo 80-140 µm. Foissner et al. (1995) propose that Litonotus fasciola actually comprises only stressed, more or less contracted specimens of Litonotus cygnus and is thus a synonym of the latter.

Ref.: Kahl (1931), Song and Wilbert (1989).

Litonotus fasciola