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Quoy and Gaimard, 1834

Gonozooid with eight muscle bands; Dextral arched intestine; branchial septum strongly arched from M2 dorsally to M5, then curving at 2/3 and running to M3 ventrally. The endostyle is short, from M2 to M4. The testis is long and swollen, situated horizontally in front of M3, sometimes beyond M2.
Oozooids with nine muscle bands, four pairs of gill slits; the dorso-ventyral process is in relation to M7. The endostyle is from M2 to M5. The oesophage concavity is downwards; the intestinal tube is stretched sagittally.
—Nurses are barrel shaped, without visceral mass, except for a heart. Budding on the dorso-ventral processs. M2-M8 fused in a continuous sheet. Length up to 2 mm. Nurses of Doliolum denticulatum and Doliolum nationalis cannot be separated.


Depth range
No information.

Distribution in the North Sea
Possibly entering the North Sea.

World distribution
Widespread in all Oceans from 40°N to 40°S (following approximally the 10°C isotherm in the north and the 15°C isotherm in the south).

[After Godeaux et al, 1998]

Doliolum denticulatum