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(Sars, 1869)

Carapace large and tumid, with distinct densely crowded conical protuberances, giving it a very rough appearance.
Protuberances especially densely crowded together on the dorsal face, whereas laterally they are arranged in two longitudinal rows, the lower of which forms an almost continuous carina, both series being connected in front by a somewhat irregular transverse prominence continued on the side of the pseudorostral projection, which is rather prominent, subrostral corners small but well defined.
No free telson.

Dark red.

Length up to 7 mm.

Is found on a soft muddy bottom.

Depth range
Down from 200 to 600 m.

Distribution in the North Sea
Norway, western Skagerrak.

World distribution
N Atlantic and Arctic Oceans

[After Sars, 1900]

Campylaspis horrida