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(Sars, 1879)

Similar to Campylaspis rubicunda but smaller as adult and colour when alive whitish sometimes with a tinge of pink. Pereionites 1 and 2 produced dorsally.
Dactyl of maxilliped 2 with two or three spines. Dactyl of pereiopod 2 shorter than carpus and propodus combined.
No free telson.

Length up to 4 mm.

Probably occurs on muddy sand or mud substrates.

Depth range
Down from 5 to 3000 m.

Distribution in the North Sea
Northern North Sea, Skagerrak.

World distribution
Northern Norway to North-West Africa, from the Mediterranean and from the North-West Atlantic, and also doubtfully from South Vietnam.

[After Jones, 1976]

Campylaspis glabra