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Hannerz, 1956

Description of larva
Body slender and cylindrical.
Prostomium anteriorly weakly incised, with four eyes, no antenna, posteriorly with a caruncle reaching the middle of segment 2. Two long palps present.
First notopodium without chaetae.
Notopodial postchaetal lobes in the first chaetiger very long, posteriorly becoming shorter. Neuropodial postchaetal lobes short.
Fifth chaetiger with lanceolate chaetae and modified chaetae in a row. Modified chaetae with subdistal tooth. Seventh and following neuropodia with up to 11 bent hooded hooks.
Notopodia with capillaries only [P.hermaphroditica-ch].
Gills start at chaetiger 7.
Pygidium with funnel.

Up to 16 mm for 65 segments.

Not described.

Depth range

Only the pelagic larva is known.

Northern North Sea, including Skagerrak.

World distribution
NE Atlantic (?), Mediterranean.

Polydora hermaphroditica