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(Kramp, 1919)

Umbrella diameter up to ca 40 mm, when full grown much flatter than a hemisphere, jelly fairly thick, velum said to be broad.
Stomach very small. Mouth with four pointed, more or less crenulate lips. Radial canals four, straight; ring canal narrow [C.islandica-medusa].
Gonads on radial canals very long, narrow, extending from near base of stomach to near ring canal; without median furrow.
Marginal tentacles up to ca 200, hollow, bases swollen [C.islandica-umbrella margin]. No cirri. Marginal vesicles closed, about same number as marginal tentacles; number of concretions in each not known.

Diameter of medusa up to ca 40 mm.

Distribution in the North Sea
Northern North Sea.

World distribution
So far recorded from only part of the North Atlantic Ocean: northern North Sea, the Shetland-Faeroes-Iceland region, and the British Isles (Russell, 1963c; Fraser, 1972).
Notes —The full distribution of this little-known species may prove wider than yet known.

Hydroid unknown.

[After Cornelius, 1995b]

Clytia islandica