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Kramp and Dumas, 1925

Umbrella about as high as wide; jelly fairly thick [P.crocea-habitus1 ]. Four radial canals with lateral diverticula in which gonads are placed.
Manubrium large, cruciform with funnel-shaped perradial lobes; mouth rim slightly folded, four short lips; the proximal 1/2 – 2/3 of the length of the radial canals is high and laterally compressed with gonads in 6-7 lateral, free lamellae on each side [P.crocea-habitus2 ].
Marginal cirri absent. About 64 hollow tentacles with slight abaxial endodermal spurs; 2-4 cordyli between tentacles, each with distal nematocysts; without ocelli.

Umbrella 25 mm wide and high.


Ecology and depth range
Slope species.

Distribution in the North Sea
Northern North Sea off Norwegian coast (Mangerfjord, Herdlafjord).

World distribution
NE North Atlantic Ocean.

Hydroid stage unknown.

[After Kramp, 1959; Kramp, 1961; Russell, 1963a]

Ptychogena crocea