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(Linko, 1905)

Umbrella cylindrical with horizontal margin, pointed apical process absent, wall moderately thick [Euphysa tentaculata ]. Four radial canals present. Exumbrella without nematocyst tracks. Manubrium tubular, slightly shorter than bell cavity, in almost whole length covered by gonad. Mouth simple, circular. Tentacles moniliform, one long, two about half as long, one small bulb opposite the long tentacle. Marginal tentacular bulbs without ocelli.

Umbrella up to 6 mm high, higher than wide.

Distribution in the North Sea

World distribution
Arctic species, considered an arctic survivor in the Baltic and Kattegat (Kramp, 1959).

[After Russell, 1939; Kramp, 1959]

Euphysa tentaculata