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Agassiz, 1865

Pneumatophore: small, ovoid cap and a short stalk.
Nectophore: a complete diagonal latero-ventral ridge divides the lateral surface into two distinct facets. The short apico-lateral ridge divides close to the ostium and appears as an extension of the apical ridge. Stout, obliquely truncated lateral processes are separated by a very small thrust block. Nectosac Y-shaped with lateral radial canals looping extensively in a characteristic manner.
Bract: thin and leaf-like, of general agalmid form.
Whole polygastric stage: N.cara-colony , N.cara-photo .

Pneumatophore with a red-pigmented cap.

Nectophore: up to 10 mm in length.

Depth range

Distribution in the North Sea
Northern North Sea, including Skagerrak.

World distribution
Almost exclusively a boreal N Atlantic species. It is described as transitional, occurring in the region between the North Atlantic current and the sub-arctic circle.

[After Kirkpatrick and Pugh, 1984]

Nanomia cara