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(Bigelow, 1911)

Anterior nectophore [Eudoxoides spiralis ]: characteristically spirally twisted to the ridges. The ventral ridges unite closely to the apex. The divided mouth plate is long and pointed. The hydroecium is claw-shaped, and the thickened somatocyst extends to about half the nectophoral height.
Posterior nectophore: not developed.
Eudoxid [E.spiralis-eudox ]: the bract is roughly conical with two lightly serrated ridges and a wide, deep neck-shield. The phyllocyst is stout and long, reaching almost to the apex. The gonophore is characteristically twisted, its four ridges being lightly serrated.

Anterior nectophore up to 12 mm in height; the bract is up to 4 mm in height.

Depth range

Distribution in the North Sea
Possibly in the northern North Sea; Eudoxoides spiralis has been collected a few times to the north-west of Scotland

World distribution
All Atlantic Ocean, although more often found in the warmer waters.

[After Kirkpatrick and Pugh, 1984]

Eudoxoides spiralis