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Naef, 1916

Description of ordinal characters
Shell an internal simple, rod-like or feather-like chitinous gladius. Ten circum-oral appendages; the tentacles are retractile (but not retractile into pockets). The arm and tentacle suckers are provided with chitinous rings and/or hooks. Radular teeth commonly with primary projection and secondary cusp(s), especially on the median (rachidian) and first lateral teeth. A buccal membrane is present. The olfactory organ consists of two projecting papillae without protective epithelium. The eyes are either covered with a transparent membrane with a minute pore (Suborder Myopsida), or without membrane and completely exposed to the water (Suborder Oegopsida). Gills with branchial canal between afferent and efferent branchial blood vessels. The digestive gland is a simple structure.

[After Lu et al. in Sweeney et al., 1992 ]

The following teuthoid species are included:

Order Teuthoidea
Suborder Myopsida
Family Loliginidae
Alloteuthis medius
Alloteuthis subulatus
Loligo forbesii
Loligo vulgaris
Suborder Oegopsida
Family Brachioteuthidae
Brachioteuthis riisei
Family Cranchiidae
Galiteuthis armata
Teuthowenia megalops
Family Gonatidae
Gonatus steenstrupi
Gonatus fabricii
Family Ommastrephidae
Ommastrephes bartramii
Stenoteuthis pteropus
Illex coindetti
Todaropsis eblanae
Todarodes sagittatus
Family Onychoteuthidae
Onychoteuthis banksii
Family Architeuthidae
Architeuthis dux

Order Teuthoidea