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Péron, 1804

Cylindrical colony with tough consistency; characteristically provided with numerous longer or shorter truncate test processes, tapering into an acanthose, backwards pointing tip. Open end of colony with a tight diaphragm.
Zooids tightly packed, rounded in shape, sometimes more angular or even triangular with a broad oral part of the branchial basket. Length of zooid up to 8.5 mm. Sexually mature zooids are found in colonies of 4-6 cm length onwards.

Pink or yellowish pink; colonial wall opaque.

Length of colony up to 60 cm and 4-6 cm thick.

Depth range
No information.

Distribution in the North Sea
Rare in the North Sea (see Ihle, 1927).

World distribution
Common and widespread Pyrosoma species, usually occurring between 50°N and 50 °S in all oceans.

[After Van Soest, 1981]

Pyrosoma atlanticum