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Krohn, 1852

Gonozooid small, with an upright, U-shaped intestine. The gill slits are not extensive, dorsally and ventrally attached at M5 and only slightly curved backwards reaching M6 or a little bit beyond. The spherical testis lies in a ventral pocket that slightly extrudes the body between M5 and M6. The frontal end of the endostyle is between M2 and M3; the caudal end is just in front of M5. The dorsal nerve ganglion is located between M3 and M4.

Length ca. 4 mm.

Depth range

Distribution in the North Sea
Rare in the Norther North Sea, as a visitor from warm waters.

World distribution
Northern, Central and temperate SE Atlantic Ocean, tropical and temperate SW Indian Ocean, E Central Pacific, Mediterranean Sea.

Doliolina muelleri