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(Ball, 1841)

Adult. Body rather stout, up to 29 cm long, maximum mantle length 10.5 cm. Mantle width is 33 % of mantle length. Terminal fin is broadly rhomboidal, wider than long, rounded posteriorly. Arms are stout, more than twice the length of head, with angular section. Tentacle club is slender, with four rows of suckers, not extending proximally on to stalk.
Young. No description available of hatchling or young (see Wormuth et al., in Sweeney et al., 1992).

Mantle length 10.5 cm.

Depth range
At the bottom in lower sublittoral and upper bathyal, not ascending to the surface or approaching the shore.

Distribution in the North Sea
Rare in the North Sea.

World distribution
Eastern Atlantic from Shetland Islands and SW Norway to the Cape of Good Hope, also Mediterranean Sea; Indian Ocean from the Agulhas Bank, Mascarenes Ridge to Timor Sea, and along W and SE Australia.

Todaropsis eblanae