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(Boas, 1886)

Described form occurring in the area (Van der Spoel et al., 1997): Pneumodermopsis paucidens (Boas, 1886) forma paucidens (Boas, 1886)

A relatively small, naked pelagic snail; the visceral mass is seen through the body wall. Gills are less developed; the lateral gill is extremely short. A posterior gill is absent. The posterior footlobe is short. In young specimens, the footlobes are of equal size, but with age the posterior lobe rapidly lengthens. Median arm with 5 suckers, the top one is the largest, the two lower pairs are small and attached to long stalks [P.p.paucidens-arms]. Ten to welve suckers implanted on the buccal wall. [P.p.paucidens-or]. The penis is armed with a chitinous style.
Radula formula: 2-1-2, the median tooth is bicuspoid without central cusp [P.p.paucidens-r]. The number of transverse rows varies between 12 and 22. The few hooks, only 6 at each side, are short and broad.
A description of juveniles is not available; P.p.paucidens-j, juvenile.

The skin with greyish chromatophores. Pigmentation, in the larger specimens usually consists of thickly spotted dark chromatophores, occurring all over the animal except for the wings.

Maximum body length 5 mm.

Depth range
Epi- to mesopelagic.

P. paucidens lives in all oceans in shallow and deep water layers; it is a good swimmer that hunts shelled pteropods as food.

Distribution in the North Sea
Northern North Sea, Skagerrak.

World distribution
Atlantic Ocean between 65°N and 30°S, with the greatest population density between 65°N and 35°N; abundant in the Mediterranean; few records from the Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea and near Madagascar); uncertain identifications from the Pacific based on immature specimens.

[After Van der Spoel et al., 1997]

Pneumodermopsis paucidens