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(Krøyer, 1846)

Female pseudorostrum long and upturned, with several long plumose setae set around the apex. Anterolateral angle forming a sharp tooth followed by a smaller one and some serrations. Eyelobe barely developed. Frontal lobe with three pairs of denticles.
Male pseudorostrum little upturned, with a few small setae at the apex, carapace smooth, anterolateral angle rectangular, without teeth or serrations behind. Telson about two-thirds as long as the uropod peduncles in the female. Endopod of uropod a little more than two-thirds as long as the exopod.
Telson present.

Length up to 6 mm.

Shelf to bathyal.

Depth range
Down from 5 to 350 m.

Distribution in the North Sea
Northern North Sea, Skagerrak.

World distribution
An Arctic-Boreal species mainly from the upper shelf, recorded from the North Sea northwards to the Arctic and from the north-western Pacific.

[After Jones, 1976]

Brachydiastylis resima