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(Sars, 1865)

Not unlike Pseudocuma longicornis but the female carapace has only a single dorsolateral carina on either side, running back to the hind end. In the male there is a second pair of carinae below that present in the female. The second segment of antenna 1 is rather broad. The first pereiopods differ as described for the genus. The peduncle of the uropods is short, little more than half as long as the endopod, which is rather longer than the exopod

Length up to 5 mm.

Shelf to bathyal.

Depth range
Down from 20 to 2078 m.

Distribution in the North Sea
Southern and northern North Sea, Skagerrak.

World distribution
Occurs in rather deeper water than Pseudocuma. Has been recorded off NE England, in the Firth of Forth and Moray Firth, in the Irish Sea and elsewhere from Novaya Zemlya and Spitzbergen southwards to Britain, from the NW Atlantic southwards to Martha's Vineyard, and also from the Okhotsk and Japan Seas in the NW Pacific Ocean.

[After Jones, 1976]

Petalosarsia declivis