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Sars, 1865

Female with pseudorostrum short and a well excavated antennal notch with acute anterolateral angle below. The carapace is compressed with the dorsal edge arched and with a carina bearing 8-12 forward pointing teeth in the midline. Eye conspicuous.
Peduncle of uropods serrated on inner edge, considerably longer than the endopod which is much longer than the narrower exopod. In the adult male the pseudorostrum is even shorter, the dorsal line is nearly straight and without teeth. The flagellum of antenna 2 reaches only to the third pleon somite.
No free telson.

Length up to 3 mm.

Shallow water in coarse sands and shelly substrates.

Depth range
Down to 120 m but usually less than 50 m depth.

Distribution in the North Sea
Southern and northern North Sea.

World distribution
Recorded from Norway to the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

[After Jones, 1976]

Cumella pygmaea