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(Goodsir, 1843)

Body very long and slender. Carapace of adult male with dorsal crest unarmed, in female with two to six, usually three or four, small teeth in about the middle. The pseudorostrum of the female is acutely pointed, blunter in the male. Antenna 1 has one aesthetasc. The sternite of pereionite 2 in the adult male has a median tubercle with six to eight spines on its rounded summit and two lateral tubercles with bifurcated points. The basis of pereiopod 2 has a strong bifid spur pointing inwards. Pleonite 6 with two short setae posteriorly.
No free telson.

Length up to 10 mm.

Occurs on beaches of fine sand.

Depth range
Down to about 150 m but usually in shallower depths.

Distribution in the North Sea
Southern and northern North Sea, Skagerrak.

World distribution
From Norway to the Canary Islands as well as in the Mediterranean.

[After Jones, 1976]

Iphinoe trispinosa