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(G.O. Sars, 1882)

First antenna (a1) conspicuous and about as long as the pereion (thorax). Maxillipede with inner plate and long and pointed outer plate. First gnathopod (pereiopod 1) with carpus shorter than propodus; second gnathopod (pereiopod 2) with carpus and propodus of equal size.
Pereiopods 3 and 4 with segment 5 slightly longer than segments 4 or 5. Pereiopod 5 different from the other pereiopods; longer than pereiopod 6, with segment 2 almost as long as segments 4 and 5 together, and with strong teeth along both margins; distal spine of segment 2 longer than segment 3. Pereiopod 7 short and about half the length of pereiopod 6.
Uropods short and wide; inner margin of the first uropod strongly toothed; exopods of first and second uropod rudimentary. Inner branch of first uropod as long as peduncle; inner branches of second and third uropods longer than the peduncles. Outer branch of the third uropod as long as the peduncle.

Length 5-7.5 mm

Depth range
Surface - 5000 m

Distribution in the North Sea
Northern North Sea, Oslofjord.

World distribution
Atlantic Ocean from 80°N to 63 °S; Indian Ocean.

Scina borealis