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Browne, 1903

Umbrella about as high as wide, with small apical projection [Homoeonema platygonon ]. Gastric peduncle absent, manubrium narrow; without centripetal canals.
Gonads forming a continuous band around base of manubrium and extending outwards along proximal half of eight radial canals.
About 80 or more marginal tentacles, all alike and evenly distributed; four vesicular marginal statocysts.

Umbrella 1-2 mm wide and high.

Ecology and depth range
Meropelagic; neritic; continental slope.

Distribution in the North Sea
Norwegian fjords in Bergen area.

World distribution
North Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea; Arctic Ocean; W South Atlantic (?) and Indo-Pacific Oceans.

Polyp stage absent.

[After Russell, 1953a; Kramp, 1959; Bouillon, 1999]

Homoeonema platygonon